New issue of Shilin (史林, 2015:1)

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迈阿密双层制大都市区政府的成立及其治理成就   孙群郎 (1)


“过渡时代”知识分子的日常生活:蒋维乔在上海(1903—1911)    叶  舟 (11)

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TOC and abstracts of the latest issue of Historical Research (历史研究 2015:1)

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Past, Present, or Future?

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Fine, point taken, however, what does this tell us about how to approach the past, it’s nature and accessibility for us?

Historically Informed

futureIn his book, The Landscape of History: How Historians Map the Past, John Lewis Gaddis makes this assertion in relation to the job of the historian:

it is to interpret the past for the purposes of the present with a view to managing the future, but to do so without suspending the capacity to assess the particular circumstances in which one might have to act, or the relevance of past actions to them.

Gaddis, John Lewis (2002-11-14). The Landscape of History: How Historians Map the Past (Inaugural Lectures) (pp. 10-11). Oxford University Press. Kindle Edition.

Here Gaddis touches on a major historiographical debate:

What is History for: To illuminate the past, To inform the present, or to interpret the future?

If nothing else, Gaddis’s approach is a noble attempt to take the high road, suggesting that each piece is essential for the historian, that true and useful history involves…

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