Linear Time

Xie Jindong (谢进东) on the notion of modernity in modern Chinese historical thought

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20 世纪中国历史思考的现代性情结



Abstract: “现代性”是在”现代化”过程中逐渐呈现出来的现代社会的属性,是对传统社会的性征”化成现代”的表征。现代性内涵就思想观念层面而言,主要包括线性不可逆的时间观、民族国家的政治观、科学理性的认知观。当它们用于认识和解释历史时,便分别体现为进化史观、民族国家的历史叙事观以及科学主义的历史知识观。自20世纪初以来的现代中国史学研究受到这种内在的现代性取向的强大影响,渗透着浓厚的现代性情结。

Keywords: 现代现代化现代性历史观历史思考
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Historian Li Fan (李帆) on history textbooks and the construction of a linear view of history during the late Qing period

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来源:吉林大学社会科学学报2015 年 3 月2015, v.55;

摘要:清季,伴随新学制、新学堂的建立,各类教科书在教育领域特别是基础教育领域开始发挥重要作用,历史教科书也不例外。较之中国悠久的传统史学著述,历史教科书这一具有新体裁、新功能的历史撰述,带有明显的时代特色,其中线性历史观的凸显,就是特色之一。线性历史观在当时历史教科书中的表现可谓多种多样,如历史分期中的线性时间观、直线发展的进化史观、单线的历史因果论、民族国家叙事的历史目的论,等等。探讨线性历史观何以呈现于教科书,固然离不开其时西学笼罩的整体学术氛围,离不开日本学者所编教科书之历史观念的影响和中国”新史学”运动的作用,但也不能忽略对中国史学传统中固有的线性历史观因素的考索。 Read the rest of this entry »

Historian Lu Xinsheng (路新生) on Liang Qichao’s (梁启超) historiographic revolution and the linear view of evolution

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【关键词】《新史学》 线性进化论 “四弊二病”说

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Artile by Gu Wenhao (顾文豪) on Hobsbawm’s last book “Fractured Times”

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Language of air: About time

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For a change here some thoughts on time I found on a Spanish/Catalan blog.

About time

Time is not linear. It isn’t the repetition of anything constant. Every moment is different from above. And are different because body conditions, which are what give the cadence of our existence, so are: time-varying. Mechanical watches count has nothing to do with durations and sequences of personal experience. Watches add constant units without entity. The seconds, minutes, hours. A simple counting: one, two, three, four, five, six… Go adding something that has no reality, seven, eight, nine… A linear and empty footage we impose on events and experiences in trying to get there in a dimension analogous to space, certainly by the illusion of marking what we feel, what we think (the real ‘real time’) with signs that perhaps might contain our lives. A bubble fueled by its permanent dissatisfaction. …