New special issue of the Journal of Modern History on “The Chinese Revolution in the 20th Century”

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Table of contents: Journal of Modern Chinese History, 7:2
Special Issue: The Chinese Revolution in the 20th century


Special Issue: The Chinese Revolution in the Twentieth Century


  • Rocks Rolling Downhill: The Continuity and Progress of the Chinese Revolution in the Twentieth Century  (Wang Qisheng)
  • Mass Movements and Rural Governance in Communist China: 1945-1976 (Li Lifeng)
  • “One Day” and the Future: Popular Support for the Wartime CCP Bases as Reflected in the Call for Essays on ?One Day in Jizhong? (Xu Xiuli)
  • How State Enumeration Spoiled Mao’s “Last Revolution”  (Yiching Wu)
  • Fighting for the Leadership of the Chinese Revolution: KMT Delegates’ Three Visits to Moscow  (Li Yuzhen)


  • Introduction
  • Two Kinds of Time: Thoughts on Renaissance and Revolution  (Arif Dirlik)
  • Understanding “the Grand Revolution” in Modern China  (Luo Zhitian)
  • The Importance of Revolution as an Historical Topic  (Timothy Cheek)
  • One, Two, Many Revolutions  (Peter Zarrow)
  • Revolutions in China: Historical Origins and Contemporary Relevance (Yang Kuisong)

Research article by Yang Nianqun (杨念群) on the conflict and adaptation between traditional historiography and new paradigms in modern Chinese historiography

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Through an examination of the relationship between three different types of Chinese historiography, i.e. historiography motivated by the traditional spirit of passing on a cultural spirit, historiography dominated by a concern for collecting historical material only, and historiography specializing on regional social history, Yang Nianqun discusses the question of whether or not historiography should still uphold moral judgments and whether or not it should still show a concern for the bigger picture of overarching historical narratives in times that he calls the epoch of “post-new” historiography.





【关 键 词】新史学 / 道德判断 / 民族主义 / 结构性要素

Third issue (2009) of the Journal of True Enlightenment (正覺學報) dedicated to a Buddhist vision of “true historiography”

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Buddhist inspired vision of “true historiography” that is quite a challenge for traditional university historians. See, and for the specific issue

第三期(vol.3) 作者
Editorial Note
Pai Chihwei
1. 真史學與新史學
True Historiography versus New Historiography –A Brief Discussion on the Position of Buddhism in Historiography Based on The Agama Sutras
Tsai Lichen
2. 史權、史責與史家
Historical Right, Historical Responsibility and Historians
Pai Chihwei
Tsai Lichen
3. 佛學研究與歷史想像
Buddhist Research versus Historical Imagination –A Brief Comment, based on The Agama Sutras, on Lu Kaiwen’s “How Did Mahayana Buddhism Reform Savaka Sutta?: On Mahayana’s Hermeneutical Strategies by Two Kinds of Buddhist Paradigms of Aṅgulimāla Sutta”
Kao Huiling
Tsai Lichen

4. A Further Discussion on the Fourteen Questions of Identification in The Agama Sutras –Also on the Principle of Equal Effectiveness for Documental Evidence 林偉仁
Lin Weizen

New issue (24:4) of New History (新史學) just came out

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New issue (24:4) of New History (新史學) just came out with a text on Hayden White’s position on Croce, see