Famous historian Luo Zhitian (罗志田) on the transformation of the notion of Dao (道) in modern China

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关键词:道  近代中国  道的普适性  道的时空化  道与器  文化竞争

【Abstract】 The establishment of modern “Western Learning ” in the hearts of Chinese scholars caused a periodization of traditional Chinese conceptions of “Tao [the Way of Heaven]. “It moved from believing that “if the Heaven does not change,Tao will not change”-i. e.”Tao comes from one way,”-to gradually recognizing that “Tao comes from two ways,” then progressing and expanding to take Western Learning as a basis for “Tao unites to one way. ” In these three stages,such views shrunk from an initially broad ori… More

【Keywords in Chinese】 道; 近代中国; 道的普适性; 道的时空化; 道与器; 文化竞争;
【Fund】 教育部人文社会科学重点研究基地项目“东方学视野下的文学、学术思想变化与学科认同”(08JJD752081);四川大学985工程三期建设项目“区域历史与民族研究创新基地”的阶段成果

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