Historian Dong Genming (董根明) on Yan Fu’s evolutionary view of history and its influence on the new historiography

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【作者机构】 安徽大学桐城派研究中心; 安庆师范学院;

【摘要】 严复以进化史观分析人类社会的发展,其”合叙并观”的世界史眼光和中西比较的学术视野,对中国近代新史学的萌生发挥着开凿鸿蒙的作用。他介绍西方近代史学观念,宣传进化史观,对近代史学由”君史”到”民史”、由考证史实到探索历史规律等研究模式的转换产生着直接的学术影响。作为中国新史学的代表人物,梁启超和夏曾佑的史学观念也或多或少地受到了严复进化论思想的影响。 

【Abstract】  Yan Fu analyzes the development of the human society in his viewpoint of historical evolution,and his vision of the world history of “joint description and outlook” and his academic vision of Sino-western comparison play an enlightening role in the initiation of Chinese modern new historiography.He introduces viewpoint of western modern historiography,and propagates the viewpoint of history evolution,which has direct academic effect on the shift of models in researching Chinese modern historiography,such as the model in researching from “history of monarch” to “history of people”,and the one from the textual research of historical facts to the exploration of historical laws,and so on.The viewpoints of historiography of Liang Qichao and Xia Zengyou,as representative figures in Chinese new historiography,are more or less affected by Yan Fu’s thought of historical evolution

【Keywords in Chinese】 严复; 进化史观; 新史学;
【Key words】 Yan Fu; viewpoint of history evolution; new historiography;
【Fund】 国家社科基金项目“桐城派名家史学思想研究”(批准号13BZS005)阶段性成果

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