New issue of New History (新史學)

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新史學 New History Vol.25 No.4


論文 Articles

1. 高震寰 Chen-hung Kao: 論西北漢簡文書與現實的差距及其意義  The Gap between Documents and Reality in Han Governance

2. 宋家復 Chia-fu Sung: 從《冊府元龜》論北宋初期類書式歷史書寫操作的典範意義 The Paradigmatic Significance of Cefu yuangui: A Typologically Historiographical Operation of the Early Song

3. 劉熙明 Shi-ming Liu: 抗戰時期國軍在山西戰場的搶糧戰 The Nationalist Army’s Battle for Grain in Shanxi During the Sino-Japanese War

4. 巫仁恕 Jen-shu Wu: 抗戰時期淪陷區的城市生活──以蘇州菜館業的興衰為例 City Life in the Occupied Areas during the Period of the Anti-Japanese War: The Restaurant Business in Suzhou

書評 Book reviews

林佳 Jia Lin: 評 Claude Quetel, History of Syphilis