Month: January 2014

Long analysis by Zhang Zhongheng (张中衡) of the problems of interpreting Chinese history with the help of Western concepts

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Lengthy analysis of the basic structures of Chinese history by Zhang Zhongheng (wasn’t able to identify the author; help welcome). Zhang Zhongheng starts out by juxtaposing the traditional Chinese view of history that according to him just knew facts and was abandoned after the historiographical revolution of Liang Qichao, and the modern view of history of e.g. a Guo Moruo characterized by paradoxes and never really able to fully explain the past with the help of Western concepts. This view nowadays no longer is really convincing. The author thus wrote this article demanding from his readers to turn to history, think of new interpretations and find answers to China’s questions triggered by the current transformation.





See and following 10 pages.

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